My Background

Hi! Thanks for stopping by… My name is William and I currently attend California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). I am seeking a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. My original background is in Hospitality working in Boston, MA and then in San Diego, CA. Through my resort and property management experience, I had the opportunity to develop strong customer service skills and gain great insight into the complex world of business.

My passion has always been technology. Having always had a natural affinity for social science, I had doubt that I could turn my love for technology into anything more than a hobby. Fortunately, through the support of my family, I was able to dip my toes into programming. From my first class writing in C, I was hooked. Where many got lost in the algorithms, syntax, and semantics, I found endless creativity and beautiful design. The importance of the software development life cycle resonated early. Planning, implementing, testing, documenting, deploying, and maintaining software are all areas I fell in love with.

Having now completed courses in C, C++, JAVA, and Data Structures, it has become clear that writing code and writing “good” code are two different things. Still being a student, I have the opportunity to learn every day how to become a better developer. What affects performance? Improve security. Writing for efficiency while maintaining usability. Using data structures that make sense. Code Re-usability. These are all things that I am working on to improve.

My goal is to develop and create software that solves important real-world problems. Working for the DOD, helping to save lives in the medical field, or solving aerospace problems are all things important to me. I am currently seeking an internship with a company that can help me achieve my goals of becoming a better developer. Please feel free to explore this site and see my current and past projects.

Recommendations / Accolades

Dean’s List – Fall 2018

dean list

Yongjie Zheng – Associate Professor, Ph.D.

311 Recommendation


Bethany Reddinger – University Supervisor

Reddinger Rec



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